The Yearbook Checklist


A good plan can be a real lifesaver when it comes to balancing commitments in your final year; between mocks, exams, college/uni applications (not to mention the all important prom preparations), you’ll have a fair amount on your plate! We want to make yearbooking as straight forward as possible which is why we’ve put together this handy guide to yearbook success! Lets start at the beginning though- what’s really involved when it comes to making yearbooks?

Step 1: Form your yearbook team! Working as a team will make your life easier provided you’re all dedicated to the cause and set on making the best yearbook ever. Steer away from people who are a little flaky or unreliable and really search out the best team you can. Branching out of your friendship group will help you cover all bases and get everybody involved (unless you’re super popular and loved by everyone in your year)!
Step 2: Head on over to our website or give us a call to request a free sample yearbook. These are actual books that you can share with your team and what’s more they’re packed with ideas and pages to help you with your plans.
Step 3: Whilst your online, click the start new yearbook button- this will allow you to take a tour of our online system and, if you follow the yellow pointers, will help you get set up and ready for members to join in just a few minutes!
Step 4: Come and talk to us- we’re real people who can answer your questions straight away and we know a heck of a lot about yearbooks! You can reach us by phone, text, email, instant chat, skype or you can write us a friendly letter 🙂  If you’re local, you could even pop by our office for a cuppa and a chat!
Step 5: Invite everybody to join your project asap but be firm with people and set a deadline for logging in! You don’t want to spend all year harassing people if they haven’t signed up and getting people involved early means you can take a step back, focus on other things for a few weeks and check back on progress later. In the meantime, profiles are being filled out, votes for awards are gathered and you’ll have squillions of photos to choose from when you come to make collages and other pages- hooray!
That’s probably enough to get you started, check back next Wednesday for the second part of our yearbook checklist 😀

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