Happy New Year!!!

Can you believe it’s 2014 already?! We’re back in the office and getting ready for the busy season so if you have any questions about your project, just get in touch! We’ll be spoiling our lucky yearbookers with more new features and yes, 2014 is set to be the best year ever to be involved in a project 🙂 Hooray! If you’ve been waiting until after Christmas to get started, we’d be delighted to help you get set up! In just a few minutes you’ll have everything in order and ready for your classmates to join, and what’s more, you can get started here with a free demo of our system: https://allyearbooks.co.uk/

If you haven’t already had one, I’d suggest ordering a free copy of our lovely sample yearbook so you can see the quality of our finished product for yourself 🙂  Just click the link to request yours today: https://allyearbooks.co.uk/infopack Enjoy the last of the Christmas break and hope to see you all online soon!

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