Theatre school yearbooks

theatreI love theatre school yearbooks! From a print perspective, they always look super smart as everybody includes their super slick high quality head shots (usually in black and white) on their profiles and the performances have been captured wonderfully with high resolution images. It’s marvellous and a thing of beauty:)

If you’re interested in making a yearbook for your theatre or dance school do pop an email over to us


Making look-a-likes pages :)


Have you ever noticed how much that girl in your science group looks like Anna Kendrick? Or how Tom’s bleached hair makes him look a bit like Malfoy from the Harry Potter films? If your school is filled with look-a-likes why not incorporate this into your page plan. Be sure to check with people first though and avoid pairing people with images that might cause upset! Saying that Mr Redworth looks like Jabba the Hutt for example probably wont go down all that well so be mindful of this as you create your pages- you don’t want to end up in the headmasters office after all!

So to make this page, all you need to do is create a basic grid layout using the add picture frame button. You can pair frames together so it’s nice and obvious which pairs go together and then use the add title text option to add in the names for each person:)

Untitled design (1)

Ordering enough books

Untitled design (1)

On seeing what a marvelous job you’ve done on your yearbook, many more people usually come forward and say they want to purchase a copy after the original print run. Whilst this is doable, extra copies do tend to be more expensive later down the line unless you get enough orders to meet the usual minimum print requirements of 20 copies. If you find your need fewer copies than this, these will be more expensive than the originals and if you only need 1 or 2 copies, this can be as much as £40 per book!

We work with big industrial-scale printers and turning these on costs a fair bit- that’s  why we set our minimum print run as 20 copies. Around 30% of the projects we print later require additional copies so we think it’s always best to over order by a few copies where possible. We often find that some parents want to purchase 2 copies for partners and grandparents for example and teachers and staff often come forward later asking if they can also get a copy. Be sure to open the sales to everybody you think may want to purchase a copy just in case!

So what happens if you do need more books later? As I mentioned, ordering just 1 or 2 is expensive so you don’t want to order a few, then find you need a few more and so on. Send out a letter or email to all to check if there is anybody else wanting to place an order as a collective order will probably save you some pennies! Prices for extra copies can be found on the books details and price area of your online book and are as follows:

– 1 copy = £80*

– 2-7 copies = £40/copy*

– 8-10 copies = original price + £4/copy

– 20+ copies = original price

… * please note that there is a minimum of 8 copies for extra PREMIUM books.

Once you know how many copies you wish to order, get in touch with your yearbook coordinator to let them know. They can then generate an invoice for the amount of books requested and get this sent over to you. Payment for additional copies will need to be made in full before the secondary print run is started. As with previous payments for the project, this will need to be made as one collective payments as we are unable to process individual payments for copies.


Proofing and print preparations!

Some of you editors may be nearing your print deadlines so I thought I’d send you a quick guide to proofing your final draft and what to expect when you’re ready to print:) When you reach the stage where you think your book is ready to print, you’ll enter the final stage of production and it’s now a case of having a look over everything one more time.  We’ll also do the same from our side once you click the ‘request pre-print checks’ link at the top of your home screen.

So when it comes to proofing, there are a number of things you should be on the look out for. These are things such as image resolution warnings and text cut off warnings and more general things like legibility and header/footer text. To help you complete your proofing quickly and efficiently, we’ve put together this handy checklist of things to look out for.

Proofing Checklist

resourcesYou can find a copy of this checklist at any time by clicking the resources button which is found in the support box at the bottom of your yearbook screen.

So once you’ve requested your pre-print checks our team will then have one final look over your pages too. Another set of eyes over the project is never a bad thing and we can make you aware of any issues that may be problematic in print so you can adjust them. You’ll still be able to make changes to your book whilst this is being done so do make sure your queue yourself for pre-print checks in good time. We advise about 3 days before your print deadline so you have time to make adjustments if they are needed.

Once we have completed our checks, you’ll notice a new link at the top of the home area to review pre-print checks and send your book to print. As a reminder, your main editor AND your staff proof-reader will need to complete this process to ensure all parties agree the book is ready to print. This new link will take you to a new page on the system which allows you to review your final order details and submit for print:)


Making a Timeline page


So many things will have happened over the 5 years you were at school and in the future you can look back on the major events that shaped the world as you were growing up.  You might want to include big news events, films that you loved, apps you couldn’t live without or things that happened more locally/around school.

If you set up a blank spread in your book, then click the articles icon on the left, you’ll find a timeline template here that’s a great starting point. You can then customise it to your hearts content and add loads if interesting facts about the things that happened whilst you were studying!

Quote. Hand drawn

Staying creative and winning at yearbooking!

I am the worst for starting a new project and then leaving it half finished so I get it when people struggle to keep the momentum up with their yearbook projects. You’re studying for exams and it’s hard work! To help you stay creative and in control, I’ve been putting together some new design tutorials for you to try your hand at whilst you’re waiting for your year group to complete their profile entries. There’s no reason why you can’t get started on your other page types in the meantime so if you fancy creating a hilarious quotes page, a playlist or infographic, do keep in touch and check this blog regularly. Don’t worry if you miss a post, you can also catch up by visiting

For now though, here are my sure fire ways to stay creative and keep up that awesome yearbook spirit:

Death_to_stock_communicate_hands_9Carry a notebook and pen with you wherever you go so you can make a note of interesting ideas that bounce into your head at random times!

Death_to_stock_communicate_hands_4Take regular breaks. A fresh eye will help you see your page content clearly so if you’ve spent aggges on something, have a little break and a cup of tea and come back to it later. I’ll be just as you left it so pace yourself and give yourself room to breathe.

playlistListening to music helps me complete most tasks. If you’re feeling stressed out, put on some tunes, dance like a crazy person and you’ll feel much better!

Hakuna_blogBreak the rules and be super creative and see what happens. If its a horrendous mess, you can always keep elements you like and rethink othersQuote. Hand drawnMost importantly, don’t give up:) Lots of projects get passed from one editor to the next as people drop out or lose interest. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, just message us and we’ll see how we can help you wrap things up quickly and get your book off to print!


Ribbons Rule!


For those of you going for the premium hardback options, don’t forget to let us know which colour ribbons you’d like! You can do this easily by going to book details and price on the set up menu of your book and setting your preferred colour there:) Please note these are the only colours we offer so it’s worth picking a colour that complements your design and cover. If you’re unsure, why not opt for the silver/grey colour or gold to match your foil embossing!