Putting together a top-notch editing team!

We’re often in touch with teachers who are little unsure as to how to get their yearbook project rolling so here is a special post just for you guys. It can be a little daunting when you first start to gather ideas but never fear, with a fool proof editing team in place you can get the job done with ease 🙂 You may have people leaping from the crowd to help you or you may need to recruit others to get them on board. Either way here is a quick guide to putting together that top-notch team of yearbook extraordinaires!

How many people will I need in my team?

The answer to this really depends on how much control you want to have throughout the project and also how committed these people are. 1 super motivated person could oversee the entire process or perhaps choose a small team of 4 or 5 people who will each look after a specific aspect of the project.

What are the main roles that need to be filled?

A typical yearbook team will consist of:

  • a main editor- takes the lead and drives the project from planning to finished product;
  • a finance person- keeps an eye on the pennies, collects orders and liases with school to organise payments;
  • promoters- well connected and in the know, keeps members on track and informed by promoting the project, in school and via social media;
  • a staff member- oversees the project and proof-reads all content prior to printing to confirm the school is happy with the finished book;
  • hunter gatherers- gets everybody involved by collecting photos, votes, newspaper cuttings and all manner of awesome things that piece together your school life.

Do I have to be involved?

We’ll need a member of staff to let us know how involved the school wants to be. If you’d like to be involved throughout that’s great but you can also opt to proof-read prior to printing or authorise your student team to give final approval instead.

Will you notify me that the book is ready before it is sent to print?

It’s important to us that you are completely happy with your yearbook before it goes to print which is why we ask both the lead student editor and the teacher to confirm it as ready to go. Effective communication and proof reading is key here as opinions on what is acceptable may vary amongst the team- be sure to lay the ground rules for the project early on and you can reinforce this with a message to the year group in the system itself.

How do I get started?

Simply visit allyearbooks.co.uk and click the start new yearbook button in the top right of the screen! Chat to you online soon 🙂

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