Motivate and Inspire: Promoting your project and getting people involved…

How to get people active in their book is something that comes up time and time again. People are keen to have the finished product but often less enthusiastic or forgetful when it comes to doing their bit! We’ve been working hard to find ways to engage with your members which is why you’ll notice new features such as the yearbook feed and suggest option in your online book 🙂 In the workshop today, we’ve been discussing ideas that work best for our editors and we thought we’d share the top 3 tips with you.


Tip 1: Promote your project using social media

Social media is a great way to build enthusiasm for your project and send out messages to others in your year. With facebook and twitter, you can start discussions with your class mates as to what they would like to see if the book and also remind people about deadlines for their entires and payments. Another popular tool to get people involved is to set up a Pinterest account where the team can gather visual ideas for the project. Share your boards with your classmates so everyone can get a feel for the look you are going for and make suggestions. Here are our example boards to help you get started:

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Tip 2: Hold yearbook drop-in sessions in school

Chat to your teachers about using a school computer room to hold a yearbook drop-in session. Your year group can come and get logged in and start answering profile questions straight away! The more people you get online, the more likely others are to join in as word spreads about the project.



Tip 3: Hold competitions and introduce ways for members to get involved.

One of the most popular aspects of the yearbook is often the awards as everyone gets involved and plays a apart in the final outcome but why stop here. Lots of our editing teams hold competitions to design the cover of the yearbook or include photos of top pieces of artwork, poems or articles which is great for building enthusiasm for the project. We all like to be remembered and having your work highlighted in the yearbook is a perfect way to stand out (plus your mum is likely to be pretty darn proud).

For even more tips on how to promote your project, visit our support site:

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