Medic Yearbooks



Med school is a pretty huge experience and you’re probably going to miss an awful lot of people when the journey comes to an end. After so many years together, you’ll probably be looking for ways to commemorate the times you’ve shared and a beautiful yearbook can do just that! Packed with photos, laughs and probably a few cringey moments, your medical yearbook will help you relive those wild parties and awesome electives.


Making your yearbook is simple. Create an account at and set up a group for everybody to join. Within minutes you can get everybody online uploading photos and working on the book 🙂  Our unique online collage tool lets you create amazing photo collages in an instant and you can also make article pages, awards and lots of other content too!

How much?

So what about funds? You’ve probably got an end of year ball, a few outstanding rounds to buy at the bar and all sorts of things planned right? No worries, we pride ourselves on making high quality books for less! What’s more, you’ll often find companies, such as MPS and Wesleyan, who are happy to sponsor projects in return for a little advertising space in the book 🙂

If you’re interested in making a yearbook for your med school or society, come and chat to us now! You can reach us on 01223 503259, by email or tweet @AllYearbooks for more info!

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