Uploading masses of photos into your online yearbooks

You can upload two types of photos into your yearbooks: profile photos and collage photos. Profile photos are used on your individual profile pages (or at least your space on that page if more than one person per page), and collage photos are uploaded into photo folders such as “Summer Party 2009” which can then be made into photo collages by either you or us – we do up to 10 stunning collages for you included in the price 🙂

So how many collage photos do groups upload into their yearbooks? Well, here’s a look at how many photos are in St Catharine’s College, Cambridge’s online yearbook:

That’s right… over 2,000 photos! But that’s by no means the most we’ve ever seen. In first place this year is King’s College London, School of Medicine, where 262 final year medics have so far uploaded 4,740 photos. Cranbourne College isn’t far behind with 4,618 photos uploaded by the 196 students – that’s over 23 photos per person!

Whilst in theory we can cram 500 photos on a page, you’ll only see a few mm of each one, so probably not a great idea. We usually recommend between 20 and 100 photos per page, meaning King’s College would need at least 50 pages just for all their photos. Looking at their near-complete yearbook, they only have about a dozen pages left for their budget. So what should they do?

There are two options:

  • use our quick photo management tool to select the best photos, deleting or moving into unused folders the rest
  • get a CD with all the photos and anything else you can cram on, adding just £2 to the cost of your books!

Our CDs are usually printed professionally on the top side and affixed to the inside back cover of your yearbooks, inside a transparent plastic sleeve.

You can also consider a data DVD for one more British pound, and some groups put other stuff on the disk too, such as videos they’ve taken around school, as well as a PDF copy of the yearbook itself.

Happy uploading!

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