Proofing your yearbook

In the past, and with many of our competitors, you’d wait months from when you think your yearbook is complete until you get it delivered, partly because of a long and laborious proofing process. Not with us.

With our advanced online system, we put you in control of the whole proofing process. No more waiting for a yearbook company to prepare, print and post pages back to you.

At any time as an editor of your yearbook can ‘Update PDF’… that is, re-create the a PDF copy of your yearbook taking into account all the changes members have made to their pages since the last time the PDF was created. You can then download the PDF, view it in your browser and even print it.

This PDF file is the exact same file we send to the printers along with a file for your yearbook’s cover.

Spot a problem with a page minutes before your deadline? Just correct the appropriate page online and ‘Update PDF’. Sooo easy.

Because often the PDF can be many tens of megabytes in file size, we highly recommend only downloading it when you absolutely need to. For many tasks, it’s more useful just to browse low-res JPG copies of all the pages online instead, using our handy page browsing feature.

Just one more reason to create your yearbooks online with AllYearbooks 🙂

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