Laminated hardback yearbooks are *really* popular :)

After sending 10 yearbooks to print this morning I was amazed by the number of them that were hardback rather than paperback, so I did a bit of number crunching.

It turns out that this academic year we’ve seen a marked change in the percentage of our customers going for hardback yearbooks, particularly laminated hardback (glossy, full-colour cover) yearbooks. We like this because if we were going to get a yearbook we’d get laminated hardback because, frankly, we just prefer it to the the other options.

As the pie charts above show, we offer four types of yearbooks: stitch-folded paperbacks (STI); perfectbound paperbacks (PB); laminated hardbacks (LHB) and leather-effect hardbacks (LEH). Whilst our two hardback options last year accounted for 42% of our books, this year they’re down to just 27%, with laminated hardbacks coming in at a massive 55% and leather-effect hardbacks up to 18%.

So why is everyone going for hardbacks this year? Quite possibly partly because our prices have come down across the board this year, making all our options more affordable and hence encouraging people to make the £4 jump from paperback to laminated hardback. Or maybe it’s because we’re coming out of recession and people want to splash out a bit? Who knows!

Enjoy your yearbooks 😀

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