Custom backgrounds, messages/signature pages and more (oh my!)

It’s been a fair while since I’d last put my proverbial pen to paper and so I’ve decided to tell you all about our latest enhancements to our site that are almost guaranteed to bring joy to your day. Firstly, we’ve reinstated in the much-needed messages and signatures pages – there are currently twenty to choose from and we’ll likely be adding more as the year progresses:

Adding a messages or signatures page from our collection

Adding a messages or signatures page (when logged into yearbook: 'All pages', 'Add new pages…' and then 'Signature/messages', the fourth option)

Many of our customers choose to have a few pages at the back of their book like these, it makes it feel more professional and complete to have somewhere for your members to sign each others’ books and leave memento messages and farewells. Of course, if you have your own design you can simply upload this as a JPEG or PDF file directly into your book.

We also have a plethora of custom page backgrounds that can be assigned to particular groups of profile pages. If you have a particular background that you want to use, make sure it’s in JPEG format and exactly 2,554 x 3,583 pixels in dimension, then send it as an attachment with an email to our email address (find this under ‘Contact helpdesk’, last link on the menu, in your yearbook).

And finally, we’ve cleaned up the photo gallery area of the yearbook site. It should now be easier to add new photo folders and see an overview of your existing ones:

Cleaned up photo gallery area on yearbook site

Cleaned up photo gallery area on yearbook site

Based on feedback from visitors and customers, we are currently on a mission to improve the ease of use and usability of our website. You should see many gradual improvements of the next month-or-so which will make both your and our lives easier. If you are having any troubles, problems or have any questions about your yearbook or the site, don’t hesitate to have a chat with us about it 🙂

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