Brand new covers for Summer 2017!

Our design team has been busy creating a range of new covers for you to use for your 2017 yearbook!

From bold Union Jacks to fancy floral themes, we’ve got something suitable for every yearbook.

Cover Mockup Single-VersallesCover Mockup Single-GreenCover Mockup SingleCover Mockup Single-DesignyunnamedTriangles_SingleDreamy SingleCover Mockup Single-Allstar

If you still can’t find anything you like the look of, get in touch with your yearbook coordinator who will be more than happy to help you come up with a brief for our designers to follow.

Title banner tutorial

Hi everyone! It’s the Easter holidays- Hooray!!! With all this extra time to play with, why not pop online and add a little bit more to your yearbook projects! Members are usually pretty busy during the holidays so you can expect those books to shape up nicely 🙂 I’ve been playing around with fill shapes again this week and I wanted to share this very brief demo on how to make lovely title banners for your pages…


Adding titles to your pages is super simple but if you want to challenge yourself with a little more design work you can make them into real features in the book. This banner style is made using the add shape tool and the colour palette options you’ve chosen for your page.


The first thing you want to do is add a  fill shape to your page. You can find the option for this by clicking onto the add icon on the left of your screen! To allow you to set position your shapes just right, leave the border set to a darker colour- you can always go back and change this later if you want to!


Now you want to add two more shapes but this time set them to a different colour. Add a rectangle to each bottom corner of your first shape and these will form the sides of the banner. Click back onto the first shape you made to snap it to the front of the arrangement you’ve just made.


The final shapes you need to create will help you develop the layer effect you’d usually expect from a banner. By using a darker colour we can build a 3D feel to the banner- a darker shade will also give you the effect of shadowing but you could also use a nice complementary colour instead to introduce a little more colour if you wish. With these shapes you want to create a line between the bottom corner of title box and the bottom corner of the banner box as shown above. Don’t worry if the colour shapes overlap your title box as when you click onto this later it will jump to the foreground again 😀


That’s really the basic steps here to make your banner and you can now add your titles by clicking onto Add heading . Position the title text box over the banner you’ve created for a stylish introduction to your pages 🙂 Ta-da!

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend everybody and don’t forget to check out the to-do list in your books if you’re into the final stages of your project- You can find this on your set up menu in the yearbook home screen!

The definitive guide to Yearbook Awards!


Awards and “Most Likely To…” pages are the best 🙂 We love watching you create them, and they are still fun to read in 5 or 10 years time! Our Awards page designer will be up and running mid-late Feb, so now is the perfect time to start adding your awards and encourage everyone to get voting 🙂

Top Ideas

You can add funny or serious awards, or perhaps a mix of both. Perhaps some awards for things currently at school (e.g. Best Smile) and some “Most Likely To Be…” future-oriented awards. We’re always amazed by the inventive categories that crop up but here are some of our favourites.

What to Avoid

Everyone has inside jokes, but it is a good idea to remember that something you find funny may not be so funny to others. For example, the person who wins the “Most likely to go to prison” award may not be very chuffed, and neither will their parents.

We will not print your book without your staff proofreader checking it, so please don’t include anything upsetting or offensive as the odds are pretty good that you’ll be asked to remove it!  We don’t want your yearbooks to be late because there needed to be a last minute change to delete inappropriate awards, and we reserve the right to refuse to print anything particularly questionable.


Casting Your Votes

To add an award, click on the “Sections” tab, scroll down and click “Manage awards”. Here you can add/remove awards, and choose the nominees.manage_awards

There are two ways to set up nominees for the awards:

  1. Default option: everyone who is a member (or editor) of the yearbook will appear as a nominee for every award
  2. Custom option: you can set up a list of specific nominees for each award. This is good for joint awards, or gender specific awards 🙂

Once everyone has finished voting, you can close the awards. This means that members will no longer be able to cast votes. Within “Manage awards” click “Close all awards now”.


Design Ideas

Our new Awards page designer will be ready mid-late February.

81st Academy Awards¨ Press Kit Images You will be able to create fantastic pages using the data collected from voting, and use fun images and graphs to display the results 🙂 It will be similar in style to the Collage Designer interface, and you will be able to add pie charts, bar charts, trophies and ribbons, as well as using photos of members.

You can also create your own Awards pages if you prefer – use the software of your choice and then upload the page/s as a custom page from the “Sections” tab.

Halloween Competition :)

Calling all spooky skeletons and wicked witches! Dressing up days make for great collages and it’s our mission to give you the best yearbooks money can buy. To help you get started early, we’ll be awarding 3 special prizes to the members/editors who upload the scariest costume photo over the next few weeks!

How to enter:
Simply upload your photos to your yearbook and label them with a Halloween tag. Don’t have a yearbook yet? No worries, just get started here: 🙂
 Terms &Conditions: Photos must be uploaded by 01/12/13 and must be labelled with a Halloween tag. Feel free to upload multiple photos- the top 3 costumes will be selected from all entries and winners will be notified by email before 16/12/13 🙂

Why have a yearbook? - Why didn't I get a yearbook?


Our top reasons for getting a yearbook:

  • To give your future children something to laugh at
  • A snapshot of your school experience
  • One place for all of your memories
  • For burning during the zombie apocalypse
  • Somewhere to find all the slang you used that no-one else remembers
  • Much needed before and after comparisons for your 10 year reunion
  • Social media is great, but subject to changes beyond our control. Your yearbook is a real, physical treasure you can keep for decades.

At an average of under £15 each, a yearbook is cheaper than:

– a takeaway pizza

– a monthly phone bill

– a pair of cinema tickets

Tell us your top reasons for getting a yearbook!

Start your yearbook here:

A new academic year(book)

Hello, and welcome to a new academic year! We’re very excited this year about a number of things we’re working on at AllYearbooks HQ and we’re absolutely thrilled about the amazing feedback we received from so many customers in the year just gone.

We delivered a record number of yearbooks across the UK over the past few months, and also sent a number of books around the world, to countries as far away as Australia and Qatar as well as the usual boat-load to Ireland.

If you’re already thinking about creating your yearbook for this coming year then that’s brilliant because the quicker you get started, the smoother the whole process can go. And our very best offers are only available at this time of year – call us on 01223 503 259 or get started online and be sure to quote/mention “lemonade treacle wombat” for a super special offer 🙂

A warm welcome and some new features!

We’d like to start this blog post by welcoming the new yearbook coordinators, Harry and Becky, who bring their skills and experience to our team! They’ve joined us temporarily to help us during the busy season for yearbooks, which is just kicking off.

As always, we’ve been working hard to create new features that make it much easier, faster and more fun to make yearbooks! We’ve just launched an update that has provided some overhauling to photos and collages.

The first thing you’ll probably notice from this update is that you can now rate photos. This should become quite useful for yearbook editors when deciding on photos to include in the yearbook, since this should provide a good understanding of which are the most-loved photos.

You’ll also notice from the above screenshot that there are some buttons beneath the photo rating area: these are for the yearbook editors’ future reference. If there is a photo that really should be included in the yearbook, then it can be marked with a star. On the other hand, if there’s a photo that probably shouldn’t be included in the yearbook, it can be flagged.

This is the new collage submission process, where you can select the photos that you’d like our designers to include in the collages they create for your yearbook. Starred photos appear at the top of the list, flagged photos appear at the end, and everything in between is sorted by rating, from highest to lowest.

When you first load this page, the list of photos to include is automatically generated based on importance and ratings — but you’re free to adapt this to your liking. You can also use the sliders to adjust the amount of photos you’d like to display on each page, along with the amount of pages you’d like them to span over.

Finally, in the examples drawer you’ll find an assortment of collages that we’ve previously produced for other yearbooks. If you find one you like, simply click the “Use as a creative reference” button to support your creative instructions.

We hope you enjoy these new features. If you have any feedback, please do let us know!

New bad-ass servers!

If you’re an avid and observant user of our awesome online service, you may notice bump-up in speed and reliability of our website from today onwards. We’ve migrated to some lovely new hardware with more speed, memory and overall grunt — meaning faster and easier creation of your yearbook!

We’ve also brought online further servers to help us with two important tasks: creating previews of your books (the ‘Update PDF’ feature) and sending your books to the printing press when all is ready-to-go.

Right now everyone here at AllYearbooks is incredibly busy helping our customers finish the content of their yearbooks off, creating collages, awards pages, covers and lots more. Big boss man Jake is sending dozens of yearbooks off to print each and every day 🙂

Custom backgrounds, messages/signature pages and more (oh my!)

It’s been a fair while since I’d last put my proverbial pen to paper and so I’ve decided to tell you all about our latest enhancements to our site that are almost guaranteed to bring joy to your day. Firstly, we’ve reinstated in the much-needed messages and signatures pages – there are currently twenty to choose from and we’ll likely be adding more as the year progresses:

Adding a messages or signatures page from our collection

Adding a messages or signatures page (when logged into yearbook: 'All pages', 'Add new pages…' and then 'Signature/messages', the fourth option)

Many of our customers choose to have a few pages at the back of their book like these, it makes it feel more professional and complete to have somewhere for your members to sign each others’ books and leave memento messages and farewells. Of course, if you have your own design you can simply upload this as a JPEG or PDF file directly into your book.

We also have a plethora of custom page backgrounds that can be assigned to particular groups of profile pages. If you have a particular background that you want to use, make sure it’s in JPEG format and exactly 2,554 x 3,583 pixels in dimension, then send it as an attachment with an email to our email address (find this under ‘Contact helpdesk’, last link on the menu, in your yearbook).

And finally, we’ve cleaned up the photo gallery area of the yearbook site. It should now be easier to add new photo folders and see an overview of your existing ones:

Cleaned up photo gallery area on yearbook site

Cleaned up photo gallery area on yearbook site

Based on feedback from visitors and customers, we are currently on a mission to improve the ease of use and usability of our website. You should see many gradual improvements of the next month-or-so which will make both your and our lives easier. If you are having any troubles, problems or have any questions about your yearbook or the site, don’t hesitate to have a chat with us about it 🙂

It’s busy season – and next year

It is currently our ‘very busy’ period in the AllYearbooks office; Nic and David’s workload has shot through the roof, there are over two hundred collage pages to create seemingly all the time, lots of deadlines for many of our customers’ yearbooks are coming up soon and monies are flying in like nobody’s business 🙂

Normally I’m busy coding new features, fixing bugs and generally improving our website alongside Jake. But recently I was helping out for a brief period also designing the photo collages and so forth. We’ve hired more help – so far, in the form of Pratik (aka ‘the Master’, ‘Mr P.’ and dozens of other pseudonyms). He’s been beavering away helping Nic and David clear out some of the collage work and doing so remarkably quickly!

Now, on to the exciting news… next year’s website! We’re planning Big Things™ for next year; some of the ideas we’ve had so far are:

  • Completely custom templates: This year we’ve been able to help quite a few of our customers out with having their own page design. However, next year a sophisticated, flexible system is currently being built that will allow you to have just about any design you can conjure up! But more importantly: we’ll be able to create and show you the design in breakneck time! 😀
  • Clean redesign: Jake has been busy prototyping a clean, streamlined and ‘Web 2.0’-feel redesign for our main website (the one you see when you’re not in logged into a yearbook)
  • Going international: we’re thinking about expanding to allow yearbooks to be made from other countries, not just the UK, and hence language support on the website and the final printed yearbooks
  • Facebook app: So many of our current users have an account on Facebook, so we think we should have the ability to complete and manage your yearbook entirely through a Facebook app 🙂
  • iPhone and iPod Touch app: Continuing the trend of making AllYearbooks available whenever and wherever you are, we think an app for these popular devices would be very useful
  • Chat rooms: the ability for all of the hundreds of members in all of our yearbooks being able to chat with each other, their editors and us – the trusty AllYearbooks team

Finally, here’s a sneak preview of what Jake has been working on and constantly refining to make sure that our website is very easy-to-use, modern and accessible:

A screenshot of the work-in-progress prototype design Jake has been creating for next year's website

A screenshot of the work-in-progress prototype design Jake has been creating for next year