Yearbooks in super-quick time

Our standard time for printing and delivering yearbooks from when they’re completely ready-to-print is about 4 to 5 weeks – far, far less than the 3+ months quoted by some of our competitors.

But that’s just what we ‘guarantee’. In actual fact, often we’re faster. And sometimes we’re much faster.

A yearbook we’ve just recently made for some crazy medical students was submitted as ready-to-print on Friday, 8th of May. All the pages were printed a week later on Friday, 15th May and then the books were bound, finished and ready-to-deliver on Wednesday 20th May, meaning they could be delivered on Thursday 21st May. That’s under two weeks for over 200 hardback books with over 100 pages per book.

Paperbacks can be quicker still. As is often the case, a school was waaaay late with their yearbooks but finally got them ready-to-print on Friday 22nd May. All the pages were printed the following Wednesday, 27th May, an especially impressive feat seeing as Monday 25th was a bank holiday. Then on Friday, 29th May the books were finished and ready-to-deliver, despatched the same day for delivery to our customer tomorrow, Monday 1st June. That’s approximately one week to print, bind and deliver 150 paperback yearbooks with around 50 pages per book.

We’re working very closely with our printers this year to try to make these super-fast turnaround times the norm rather than the exception, and we’re finding that most of our customers now are getting emails from us to tell them their books are ready-to-deliver ahead of schedule. That’s an awful lot of delighted customers as a result 🙂

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