A half-term update on the collage backlog

A week and a half ago I blogged to say that we’re right in the middle of the year book busy season and that as a result of that and Ben being on holiday we had a big backlog of collages to make.

Since then Ben has returned from his holiday and is currently blasting through the collages with Pratik. Our backlog has decreased from a peak of around 350 collages to make to just over 200. We were hoping to have the backlog down to more like 150 by now but have just missed that target, but hope to be there by the end of the week.

What does this mean to customers waiting for us to make collages for them? Fear not! Your collages haven’t been lost into an abyss and will be worked on very soon now. And our creating collages for you won’t delay your yearbook delivery.

Meanwhile, most of our secondary school Y11 and Y13 customers are off enjoying themselves on half-term. Alas, whilst some of us took Bank Holiday Monday off, we’ve been working hard this week on all your yearbooks.

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