Happy international customers

Whilst 95% of our yearbooks are currently created for customers here in the UK, we do make the odd book for customers in Europe and further afield as they get wowed by our time-saving web-based yearbook system.

Here’s a glowing testimonial we just got from a customer in the Netherlands:

Without Allyearbooks, I honestly do not know where we would have been. At first, a little hesitant to be the first year to use an online company and at that, one overseas, we soon found out what a life savior both the site AND the staff were. We wanted a completely original book and layout and Allyearbooks not only had no problems whatsoever with that but also helped us to enhance and perfect our pages, continually guiding us towards making the best yearbook in the history of our school. The Allyearbooks team are great, always there to help and I even remember talking to someone on the eve of Easter Friday to sort out an emergency! The quality of the book is incredible and the price even more fantastic when you take into account that we ordered from The Netherlands. To top that, they even managed to get us hard back books in the 3 weeks designated for paper back books. Everyone in my form is so grateful and come the last day of school when they were all handed out, people could not put them down.

Kristy Samal
The British School of the Netherlands

Thanks Kristy, we’re glad we could help! 🙂

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