Meet Pratik – here to help with your yearbooks

This guy with the super cheesy smile is Pratik – who actually started working with us at the beginning of April before Ben, but who was too lazy (well… busy with collages anyway) to write a blog post. So I’ll embaress him by writing one for him instead 🙂

Whilst Ben is currently behind the scenes just working through collages and a few polls pages, Pratik is now a bit more front-line, dealing with new enquiries, answering emails, answering your questions on our great online-chat system, and chasing you to make your deadlines on time. All of this, and he still does loads of collages as well!

But the best thing about Pratik? Today he came to work with a massive Tupperware container filled with curry for us all to eat. And tasty it was… yummy. [It has to be added though that whilst Pratik had the strenuous task of carrying it to work, it was his loving mummy who used her culinary skills in the kitchen with this dish.]

So, a big welcome from us all to Pratik. Together David, Nic, Ben and Pratik make a wonderful customer-wrangling and design team.

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