Our new updated chat system

We launched a major new feature on the 14th of October last year: a built-in chat system. Since then, we have chatted to a remarkable 144 different customers who have yearbooks with us and in that time over 12,000 lines of chat have been sent back-and-forth between the staff here and our wonderful customers.

When we launched the new features last week, the chat system let us get immediate feedback from you, our customers, and the new site updates were well praised 🙂

Today, we upgraded the chat system to iron out some bugs, and add support for a certain less-capable browser that is still installed in a large proportion of schools and colleges: Internet Explorer 6. Our chat system now works fully on Internet Explorer (version 6 and later), Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and more!

So, if you’ve got any questions about your yearbook, the website or anything else, simply login and start chatting to us. During working hours (and often outside of them!) someone will reply within a few minutes, sometimes seconds 😀

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