New templates, two photos per profile, new look website – All Finally Launched!

The new look online yearbook site for our customers has FINALLY gone live!

After a couple of months of extra development – where Jake and Jamie basically decided to skip ahead and stick a load of extra stuff – we launched on Tuesday, with a swift and nifty update on Wednesday to bring in the new menus.

And since then – nothing but excitement! Everyone we’ve spoken to can’t believe how cool the site looks and functions now. Which makes the weeks of waiting and testing so much more worthwhile 🙂

Amongst the thing that are now up there is the long awaited two photos per profile page – available on every template we do!

There’s a whole range of new templates for your yearbook profiles, and plenty more where they came from – we’ll be adding more special templates that we’ve designed over the next few weeks, and any specific ideas YOU had, we can usually put together something in a morning 😀

We’ve also got new style features like rounded borders for profiles and photos, and the new page upload and page order functions that are a thousand times easier and quicker to use.

So it may have been a long time coming, but it was well worth it!

Look out for more features and updates in the weeks to come 😉

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