Promoting yearbook post…

We’ve had some people in the last few weeks talking about promoting the yearbook. Not surprising, because we’re heading for times when there’ll be rushing and shouting and deposits… and then it’s yearbook publishing time – oh no!

A great way to start is collecting deposits – it makes people want to try it out and it helps you know who’s interested and serious about buying. In ‘help and resources’ in the online yearbook, there’s a spreadsheet for collecting deposits and contact details and keep up with everyone who wants a yearbook.

Here’s a short crash course on getting people involved:

  • The best thing to do is just get people logging on! Once they’re in the yearbook they’ll get into it.
  • Book an IT room and set up all the computers (and get in some tea and a few biscuits). You can ask for permission to do it in a free period and just heave people show up and login.
  • The poster in the resources has a space to write on the yearbook’s invitation code, so you could put that up in the common room.
  • We also have the email invite option in ‘members’ for mass emailing – so if you get everyone’s email you can send an invitation that will take them straight to the site.
  • Facebook or myspace can also be used – in particular a facebook group. Just don’t put the invite code on there, or you might get people logging in from everywhere!
  • Putting a few more photo galleries with different headings will also help keep members interested 🙂
  • A good place to look for tips is here in the blog. Track back through the entries! There’s other tips in the blog about getting sponsorship and other things for editors of the yearbook.

Have a go with what you can find, and ask us if you need any specific help – or if there’s a resource you’d like that we don’t provide yet!


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