Yearbook Covers

Now the yearbooks are well on their way don’t forget about your cover.  David and I enjoy helping design covers, last year people came up with some fabulous covers and we’re waiting to see all your ideas for this year.

One of the things that can hold up making a cover is getting a good quality crest or photos, so don’t leave it too late to start looking for a crest you might want to include.  A logo or crest lifted off a school website is almost always NOT going to be high enough quality.

Covers fall into 2 categories, leather effect and paperback/laminated hardback.  For leather effect yearbooks you have an area of around 12x12cm on the front of the book for your design.  The design is in a single colour and normally your crest and the name of your school.

For paperback and laminated hardback yearbooks you have both the front and the back cover to design 🙂  How much we do and how much you do yourself is up to you.

Here are some ideas for covers

  • a grid of photos of all the members in the book
  • school logo/crest
  • name of the school
  • ‘Class of 2009’ or ‘2009 Yearbook’ or similar text
  • a few words about who made the book
  • a hand-drawn or painted design
  • lots of relevant bits and pieces put on a piece of paper and scanned
  • a photo of the school
  • a photo of the whole year group
  • photos around school
  • names of all students (sometimes put within a large ’09’)

If you want us to do any work on your yearbook cover remember to give us lots of detail like colours, fonts, text, or if you want us to be creative we can make the choices for you:-)

If you are making the cover your self make sure that they’re:

  • A4 size (NOT Letter size)
  • 300dpi (around 2,554 x 3,583 pixels)

If you are a bit stumped for ideas then why not have a yearbook cover competition! It’s a great way to get everyone involved in the book:-)

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