AllYearbooks Snowman School Challange

About five years a go, me and a bunch of climber friends of mine in Sheffield built an eight foot high snowman, with a snow scarf, a snow hat and a snow dog. I’ve got some great pictures somewhere, which I’ll try to dig up for this post.

Now we want to see what you can do!

Jake’s had a lot of kookie competition ideas this year, but this is the best yet. We want you to email us your snowman pictures!

Stick them in an email with the subject line: ‘Snowman Yearbook Challange: ‘ followed by the name of the school yearbook you’ve created with us.

The best and most original snowman will get put up on our website homepage, and we’ll do your school a double-page collage spread of your wintry photos for free! (so, for you editors, that will be on top of the 10 free collage sides you get already!)

So get outside and use the weather. Enjoy yourselves – we look forward to some very cool snowmen! 😀

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