Snow Day!

The clock reads ten to ten. I’m late for work. I put this down to blizzard-like – ney, apocalyptic – quantities of snow!

The 5 minute walk to work was a near-death experience – people glanced fearfully from curtained windows, cars slewed along the streets and Lucifer himself was stood atop the church spire opposite, waving his pitchfork and dancing a little jig.

I won’t make any jokes about the English inability to deal with a little snow – if you’re interested, the morning radio is rife with them. It’s been said, rather defensively, that other countries are little better at dealing with their roads, and that may well be true. They just have the sense not to go to work.

Anyway, if you’re off school or even have a free period that was once a PE lesson, it’s a great time to hop on with the yearbook work (good link hey 😉 )

Anyone who hasn’t yet set up their member pages should go online this afternoon and tomorrow – there’s change a-comin’. Jake and Jamie are on their final test runs before the new profile system goes live!

If you’ve already got your profile pages set up in the online yearbook, check out the new style features available such as curved borders and the second profile pic (big, detailed, excited-as-a-schoolboy blog post written by Jake to come)

Even for everyone set up online, there’s work to be done. Go to the yearbook and create that Snow Week photo folder. We look forward to seeing the pics and making wintry collages 😀

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