Now the exams are over,  everyone is getting down to some serious work on their yearbooks… especially uploading photos.  So here are some tips on making the most of our collages and remember we make 10 collage pages for you in the price of your yearbook:-)

  • Remember to upload the highest quality photos you have.  Some mobile phone photos are not high resolution and can look blurry as large pictures.
  • If you don’t want to go over your 10 free collages, think about having 2 or 3 folders of pictures on one page.  This works best if you only have a few (number?) picture in each folder. When you submit the folders, just tell us in the in instructions that “X” folder should be put on one page with “Y” folder.
  • Remember, a double page spread counts as 2 pages!
  • Remember, the more photos you want on one page the smaller they will be!  100 is about the most you can have on one page and still see them clearly but we can put more on a page if you want!
  • If you are feeling creative you can give us some direction on how you want your collages to look.  If not, we can get creative for you!
  • You might want to use the option for limiting how many picture each person can upload if you think you might end up with 100s and 100s!!
  • Once you have submitted your folder you can’t add more pictures to the collage

You don’t need to wait until all your other yearbook pages are ready, you can close a folder ready for us to make the collage when ever you’re ready and we can start work on them as soon as we have your £200 deposit.

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