Teacher contacts please

Hello everyone!

Still more tips – we’re going to be getting a LOT of customers this year, so we want everything to run smoothly. Here’s a spark of wisdom from last year: this is for everyone – get yourselves a teacher contact at the school!

If there’s one thing that can delay a book getting off to print (besides getting the pre-print payment in), it’s ensuring the staff have signed off on it.

A lot of yearbook companies insist on running the yearbook  through the teachers – we don’t like to do that. Having students build their own yearbook tends to get better, more involved and more personal results – and let’s face it, teachers have got enough on their plate.

BUT – even if you’re making a yearbook as students with no involvement from teachers, it’s important to ask if the school would prefer to check the content.

We can’t proof the yearbooks – there’re just too many! and we wouldn’t know what your school think is acceptable – so finding a teacher to read the proof means the school won’t censor it after it’s printed. You don’t want to be blacking out one line in 100 yearbooks the day before you hand them out!

Arrange early with the principal for a teacher who will check your yearbook (and get the teacher to agree!)  and you won’t be trying to convince someone at the last minute.

Plus, a teacher can often be more effective in getting the finance office to sign the cheque (and it’s one more contact for us in an emergency).

So anyone who hasn’t got a staff contact for the yearbook, get one as early as possible – those who have, be sure we know who they are!

Keep them informed about what’s going on – they can even be an editor in the online yearbook if they want – they don’t have to appear on the pages (although staff pages are often a great feature).

We’ll leave how involved your teacher gets in the yearbook up to you 😉

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