Yearbook committees – yay or ney?

Hello, and welcome to radio yearbook! Or something.

We had an email today asking about getting a yearbook committee together, and it brings up the question – how essential is the traditional yearbook committee?

With our online yearbook creation system to gather information and create your member pages, a lot of the work is already done! We shy away from talking about a yearbook ‘Committee’, because before very long the bureaucracy can overshadow the yearbook you’re trying to make.

However, that’s not to say that getting a crew together to help out is a bad idea. There’s still a lot to do, and the more you work at extra pages, features and covers, the more interesting and personal your yearbook will be 🙂

DON’T DO IT ALL YOURSELF. Get people together into a co-operative group – doesn’t have to be a committee with a leader and a pecking order, it just needs to be a few people working together.

Get the students involved in submitting articles or pages; cover designs; poetry or literature.

And let everyone do what they’re best at.

What we find works best here at AllYearbooks is that everyone does a bit everything (apart from the programming divide, and even that gets bridged with feedback and usability testing). When we’re better at something we do that thing more often, but we all put a hand in here and there 😀

So, here’s a quick list of things editors do in making their yearbooks – divide them between yourselves as you like, and get everyone helping!

  • promoting the yearbook among the students and encouraging members to fill in their profiles
  • collecting and managing money: gathering from students and sending to us at the right times
  • finding extra funds: sponsorship, fund-raising or help from the school (there are several different jobs just there – Nic’s written a post about it elsewhere in the blog, so check it out!)
  • working with a teacher contact to make sure the school has approved the yearbook and knows what’s going on
  • proofing the final yearbook pages
  • receiving and checking the delivery and handing out the yearbooks

Remember, you can have several editors in a yearbook and teachers who don’t have to appear on the pages, but can be editors too!

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