What’s next? A brief guide to finalising your project :)

finalisingyourproject1Hi everyone 🙂  it’s been super busy in the office so I wanted to grab your attention for a moment or two to talk through the final stages of your yearbook creation process. We know you’ve been working hard for months on your projects and a lot of time, energy and love has gone into putting it all together! Please do keep your print deadlines in mind as this is really when we need to send your book to print- sure we leave a day’s leeway in this to finalise artwork and do our checks but we do need this time! Before your books are sent to print we have to do all sorts of pre-printing checks to ensure everything is just right. We don’t want something to go awry and neither do you so please do your best to stick to the print deadline! Another thing we’ve had lot’s of this year is late artwork submissions. Submitting your cover artwork on the day we need to send your book to print is less than ideal so do try to get your artwork in early- this will give you time to review your draft and make any changes BEFORE the print deadline 🙂 This is what happens next:
  1. So once your happy that everything is done, double check! You might have a blank page that needs addressing or a photo that could be cropped differently. Check out our article about proofing the visual elements of your yearbook  to see if you can improve your design in any way 🙂 When you get to the stage where you’re happy the book is ready to print please let us know; whilst we try to check in on as many of you as possible we cant always get round to everyone so shout it from the rooftop and let us know you’re done by email, chat or drop us a call 🙂
  2. We’ll then prepare a confirmation email for you that is sent to both the lead editor and your staff proofreader. A common misconception is that this is a stock email that we fire out to all customers but we don’t work this way! We’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible books so we meticulously go through every page of your book and create a very detailed and personalised email for you. We’ll cover the basics such as final number of copies and pages, delivery details and also flag any areas in the book which may need to be addressed. Please be patient when waiting for your email, this process takes time and whilst your eager to get everything done, we don’t want to rush and miss anything important.
In order to send your book to print we must receive a reply from both the lead editor and the staff proofreader for your project. Failure to receive a reply from one or both of you will mean your book is unconfirmed and wont be sent to print. This can cause delays to printing and delivery dates so try to keep on top of the project until the book has definitely been sent to the printers! When this is done, take a deep breath and relax 🙂

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