Staff Proof-readers for Year 11 and Year 13 Yearbooks


Throughout the yearbook process, you might stumble upon some rather shocking stories and photos, some of which may need editing or removing entirely to avoid any upset or embarrassment. As yearbook editors this is something you can monitor and you can always block/delete troublesome members if they’re misbehaving! In the same way that you want everything to be perfect so will your school. Schools work hard to provide you with a positive, safe and respectful community and it’s no surprise that they want to protect this! If your yearbook bears the school’s name and logo you will need to approach a staff member to proof the content before printing, that’s just how it is! They don’t need to be fully involved and they won’t take over your project but we do need that person to either:

  •  Agree to proof all content in the yearbook before printing


  • Give the Chief Editor of the yearbook permission to proof.

It’s best to do this early on in your yearbook’s timeline – we all know how busy teacher’s are, and we don’t want proofing problems to delay your yearbook delivery. Often it’s the Head of Year, or perhaps the Business/Marketing Manager, or the Pastoral Heads of Year who get involved so have a chat to your favourite teacher and I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help 🙂

Alternatively, you can create an Unaffiliated Yearbook. This would not bear any information that can be directly related to your school, and there are several conditions that would need to be met.

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