Unaffiliated books for friendship groups

girl_c5aWe make lots of yearbooks and part of our standard procedure is to make sure the school is aware of the project and to determine how involved they want to be. Every year we get enquiries about making unofficial or independent projects for friendship groups,without staff involvement, so we wanted to lay down the ground rules for making these types of books! If you make your yearbooks without school involvement there are several conditions we will need you to adhere to. It’s important to remember that failure to meet any of these may result in delay to your books being printed so please ask if you’re not sure on anything! You can always give us a call on 01223 503259 to chat to your coordinator 🙂

So here are the rules. School need to be aware that you are making a book. It will likely include photos of you in uniform, pictures from around school etc so make sure you’ve discussed it with them first. If they’re happy for you to proceed without their involvement:

~ The school name and logo cannot be used for your cover, or in the internal pages of your book (unless we have it in writing from school that they are happy for you to do so).

~ You will need to pay for your order in full before we can send it to print, and we cannot deliver it to school premises.

~ Schools often request that teachers names, school photos, or photos of people in uniform do not appear either. It is your responsibility to make sure this is the case.

Please be aware that we cannot make unaffiliated books for Primary and Junior schools. If you are looking to make an unofficial book for anyone under the age of 16, you will need to get a staff member involved in your project. It is your responsibility to ensure these conditions are met. As with any project, we reserve the right not to print any content that is deemed inappropriate or offensive so even if school aren’t involved, still be mindful of the content you plan to include. You will also need to accept full responsibility for any complaints or repercussions that might arise.

We do encourage you to seek the schools cooperation with the project, a yearbook is a great record of your time at school and the majority of schools are very happy to be involved whilst still giving you free reign creatively – most will just want to read the final book before print. Why not have a quick chat with your favourite teacher and see if you can get them on side?

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