The Yearbook Checklist- Part 2 :)


Where did we get up to? Ah yes, you’ve invited everybody to join the book and hopefully people have started to log in. Expect people to log in and take a look around first, they might not fill out their entire profile at once but it’s good to see the word is getting out and people are interested in being included! So what’s next…

Step 6: Now that people understand what it’s all about, they are more likely to part with their hard earned pennies! A good way to gauge how committed people are is to organise the collection of a small deposit, lets say between £2-5, from each person. You’ll soon raise your £100 deposit this way and you’ll know who is serious about wanting a copy 🙂

Step 7: You’re happy things are going nicely and then we mention staff getting involved and everybody freaks out! As we make the book with the schools names/logo on it, we have to ask if the school want to check over things before it’s printed- that’s the law! That doesn’t mean anybody is taking over your project and when you nominate a staff member, all we do is pop a quick email over to them asking if:

A- they want to be involved throughout,

B- they want to read the final copy before its printed,

C – they are happy for you as students/parents to authorise the content on their behalf.

See that’s not scary is it!

Step 8: If design isn’t your forte, you can ask our lovely designer Lee to help you create the perfect cover for your book. You tell us your ideas and we’ll go from there!

Step 9: A jam-packed yearbook is a happy yearbook so include lots of photos from your trips, sports days, fashion shows and events! It doesn’t stop there though as you can also create awesome pages like guess the baby (go on, embarrass everybody- you know you want to!), look-a-likes and the yearbook classic… Awards!

Step 10:  You have a yearbook! Once you’ve checked over everything and you’re happy that it’s finished, do a final proof-read to catch any last minute spelling mistakes or errors. We’ll pop a final email over to your confirming your final order quantities etc and then it’s ready 🙂 Check your pre-print payment is on it’s way as we’ll need this before we can hit the big ‘go’ button on our printers!

After this you can relax and eagerly wait for your yearbooks to arrive 🙂 Don’t forget there’s a final payment due once they do so don’t go disappearing on us- we track everybody down eventually! So that’s it I guess, the honest and open 10 step guide to our online yearbooks 🙂 Now you know what will happen… get set…Go!

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