Turning the page


So we keep telling you the possibilities are endless when it comes to your pages, and I was keen to share a whole host of page ideas to get your creative juices flowing! Using our system, you can create beautiful profiles, collages, awards pages but you’ll probably also want to stamp your personality on the book by adding other pages too- these are what we call custom pages!

  • Contents and Index pages: Ok not to everyone’s taste but if you’ve got a giant year group you might like to find your friends quickly rather than playing a ‘Where’s Wally’  hunt for people you know!
  • Quotes pages: Beautiful, inspiring quotes are always popular and finding one that sums up your journey as a class is simple in this day and age! Try sites such as http://www.goodreads.com/quotes to get ideas or draw on the classics- a bit of Dr Suess never hurt anybody 🙂
  • Double page photos: Particularly awesome if you’ve got a big group photo of your year group. You will need a nice high quality image for this to work so chat to your coordinator if you’ve got images in mind for this- we’d be happy to check them over to ensure you get the best results!
  • Wordles: Visit http://www.wordle.net/ to create lovely word clouds from the names of everybody in the year group or specific highlights from your time at school.
  • Look-a-likes: Another classic addition to yearbooks and can be really fun. Do be mindful of who you pair people with though and it’s best to check they are happy for you to include them on these pages!
  • Articles: Perfect for writing about trips, special events or letters from your headteacher etc.  Articles don’t necessarily need to be created offline as you can always use a profile template to easily create a quick page. Check out our support site for our helpful how-to guide on using templates to create other page types!
  • Message pages: These are blank but stylish pages for your friends to sign on hand out!

The list could go on and every year we spot new ideas coming through that we haven’t even thought of 🙂 If you have any questions about making pages, get in touch. We’re always keen to hear your ideas and offer advice!

the AYB team

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