Custom Backgrounds: personalise your pages

Custom backgrounds are here!

Have you chosen a theme and layout, but want something a bit different for the background? Great!

If you would like a custom photo (e.g. the school grounds, school building) as the background, let us know. We will ask you to email over a high quality version of that file, and we can add it as a background option for you to apply. The same goes for school crests and badges – email over a high resolution version of the crest, and let us know which colours you would like, and our designers will create a background for you 🙂

This feature will allow you complete control over your book, and will help you maintain your chosen design and style across all of your pages. You can see 22 designs that we have uploaded in the “Design” area of your yearbook sections. We will be adding more and more, so let us know if there is something specific you would like to see. Check out our support site for details.

8 themes, 25 layouts, endless colour combinations… we give you the most freedom possible!


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