Monday Moodboard: Dual

High contrast, statement colours and your school- Dual is all about you! Stylize your design with watermarked crests and make your book truly unique. Play around with your school colours and incorporate these, not only in your two tone profiles, but throughout the book as backgrounds for your collages and article pages.

dual board

You could also use this theme to explore other creative ideas 🙂 Two tone palettes are often instantly recognisable, think Facebook blue and white for example! A book inspired by social media like this could easily be developed with a little thought. Why not use Facebook style silhouettes or images if people haven’t added a photo, make timelines of events and themed contact pages…I could go on but I’m sure you get the idea!

So all in all, Dual is a pretty flexible little theme! Next Monday we’ll be exploring our Grunge theme in more detail and don’t forget to join our Editing Team workshop this Wednesday for more handy tips and tricks!

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