Why have a yearbook?

someecards.com - Why didn't I get a yearbook?


Our top reasons for getting a yearbook:

  • To give your future children something to laugh at
  • A snapshot of your school experience
  • One place for all of your memories
  • For burning during the zombie apocalypse
  • Somewhere to find all the slang you used that no-one else remembers
  • Much needed before and after comparisons for your 10 year reunion
  • Social media is great, but subject to changes beyond our control. Your yearbook is a real, physical treasure you can keep for decades.

At an average of under £15 each, a yearbook is cheaper than:

– a takeaway pizza

– a monthly phone bill

– a pair of cinema tickets

Tell us your top reasons for getting a yearbook!

Start your yearbook here: allyearbooks.co.uk

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