A new academic year(book)

Hello, and welcome to a new academic year! We’re very excited this year about a number of things we’re working on at AllYearbooks HQ and we’re absolutely thrilled about the amazing feedback we received from so many customers in the year just gone.

We delivered a record number of yearbooks across the UK over the past few months, and also sent a number of books around the world, to countries as far away as Australia and Qatar as well as the usual boat-load to Ireland.

If you’re already thinking about creating your yearbook for this coming year then that’s brilliant because the quicker you get started, the smoother the whole process can go. And our very best offers are only available at this time of year – call us on 01223 503 259 or get started online and be sure to quote/mention “lemonade treacle wombat” for a super special offer šŸ™‚

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