Ideas for Custom Yearbook Pages

Custom pages are such an amazing way of making your yearbook more exciting and more personal. Making them on your own software and uploading to the All pages section is easy – figuring out what to put in is often less easy.

For tips on making and uploading, scroll back and you’ll find Nic’s older post that tell you everything you need to know. This is just ideas, and nothing else 🙂
You can have as many or as few custom pages as you want and they will all be full colour. They don’t cost you any extra (we wouldn’t charge you for being creative). Of course they count towards your total page number, but the website can help you to keep track and keep on budget.

And ideas?

Be creative about it. Involve the other students – not just editors; open it up to the whole year. hold competitions for pages to go in, or just get a discussion going over inventive ideas. Here are some of our favourites from previous yearbooks.

  • Ask the Head or Head of Year to write an introduction
  • Get the yearbook committee to write a “Thank you and Goodbye” for the end of the book
  • Put some message/signature pages in at the back.  This is a great way of making the book up to an even number of pages.  Either design your own or add them from the templates in All pages.
  • Put a school or year photo in as one full page
  • Ask someone to draw some pictures or cartoons
  • Get together some quotes or funny things people have said
  • Ask someone to write a diary for a school trip
  • Include poems and stories people have written
  • News of the year
  • Adverts for local shops and businesses
  • Reviews of a play or sports events

Finally, don’t forget the pages we make for you, in with the overall price!

  • Make use of the online polls.  Set your own polls questions and get everyone to vote. Then have us make an awards page, or make your own.
  • Create folders in the Photo gallery, have all the members upload, and give us something to make collages for you. It all make the book even better 😉

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