Screencast: overhauled ‘Members’ area

[hana-flv-player video='/wp-content/uploads/members2.flv' width='408' height='424' autoload='false' splashimage='/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/members.jpg' srt=0 /]
a three-minute screencast showcasing our overhauled ‘Members’ area within a yearbook (full-screen recommended)

We just launched a completely overhauled ‘Members’ area within our yearbooks. Instead of the slow, long list of members that it used to be, the Members page is now based around a fully-featured search that allows you to quickly see, at a glance, various useful things. For instance, our system now lets you see a list of members who:

  • Are in a particular yearbook group, e.g. ‘Teachers’
  • Aren’t in any of your yearbook groups
  • Haven’t written anything for their entry
  • Haven’t uploaded a profile photo
  • Who have uploaded the most photos

And that’s not all! The essence of the new system lets you simple type ‘smith’ into the search box and find all members with that name, Google-style. 🙂

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