Site Development – Part 2: Yearbook PDFs

As David pointed out in the last blog post, we are currently under heavy development here at the AllYearbooks’ offices busy developing new and exciting features for the coming academic yearbooks. Apart from the chat system (which is already working) we’re well on the way to implementing a new way of generating the final PDF file for each yearbook.

Our system is quite unique in that as you progress building your yearbook — inviting new members, uploading photos, adding custom pages and so forth — you are given the opportunity to preview exactly how your book will look once it’s gone to print. 🙂 We’re keeping this useful feature but making important changes:

  • Allowing members to upload two profile photos each
  • Making our templates accommodate this second photo
  • Text that wraps and flows professionally around objects on the page
  • Rounded corners on borders and photos

The greatest change, though, will be that because of the new programming of our PDF system, we will soon be able to create unique, custom templates when one of our lovely customers requests it. For example, if the selection of templates provided doesn’t suit you or you like the look of one but would prefer it with a few tweaks here-and-there, we will be able to modify an existing template or create a brand new one for your yearbook.

Compared to our competition, I think this is getting the “best of both worlds” — everyone uploads their entries and photos online, the editors choose or requests a template and the final yearbook feels impressive and gleams with professionalism. Plus, unlike some of our competitors, you won’t need to wait a week or more for your template to be generated for you 🙂

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