Spam vs Blog, Blog beats Spam – Please read our Blog

There’s a bit of a debate going on in the office just at the moment – or at least in the non R&D part of the office – about the best way for us to make sure people are getting on ok when we haven’t heard from them for a while.

Point one – big, spamming, mail outs are crap. They take us ages; they’re lumpy and unwieldy; they irritate at least as many people as they enlighten. Plus, they make our emails tedious, and then when there’s something important to say, the email doesn’t get read. In short, they’re a rubbish way to let everyone know about any given new thing, no matter how proud we are of them.

The solution – Jake worked it out a long time back – this blog! We use it for posting updates and new features, and we’d love to get into the habit of passing tips through it for you all; it’s not all about the Jenga.

The trick is getting everyone to read it! If you glance at this note, make a mental note to look in here regularly, or any time when you’re confused or finding something a hassle. There may well be an answer available, or some helpful new feature. Plus it means you get to add comments, to let us know when you want us to change something. AND it saves emailing everyone to let them know any time we’ve done something clever and are pleased with ourselves about it 🙂

To demonstrate the wonders of this system, I’ll now drop in a couple of tips and some new info for anyone trying to get students involved with the yearbook and get members onto the site.


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