Getting people involved and getting members into the book

We’ve noticed that a lot of people are setting up a new yearbook online, with themselves as editor, and even getting together the form groupings for the members, but not actually getting members to sign up for the book.

Obviously it’s still early in the year, but the sooner members get involved, the more time they have to play, work on their entries and upload photos, and to make the yearbook site a community and an experience for the leavers. In case people are getting tangled up in the effort of getting people involved and keen on the yearbook, we thought we could provide a bit of help:

1) SETTING UP YOUR MEMBERS: probably the simplest way to get members in is to let the whole year know the entry code and let them get oin with it (if this is for you, check out the poster I mention below). Otherwise, we recommend that you email with the ‘invite members’ option. It’s quick and easy for you and it means that  they get to pick the name they want to use. You’re not left entering every member for the book and then deleting or dealing with the ones who never reach the site.

2) COLLECTING DETAILS AND FEEDBACK: of course, that means you have to collect everyone’s email address. We might be able to help there as well. In the ‘editors resources’, we’re about to put up a new link for a short questionnaire that you can leave in the common room or hand out to people. It’s a great way to get contact details, and also get some feedback about what people want from their yearbook.

3) PROMOTING THE BOOK: one more resource:  a poster to but up in your common room or around the school. you can choose to put the entry code at the bottom, to get people online and signing up to the book (no emailing necessary), or you can just use it to get them in touch with you!

All these things will be up there on Monday (last touches still getting done) – we hope they’ll be some help. And don’t forget the deposit request form and the rtrackign spreadsheet when you’re collecting deposits from students – it helps to get organised list early on, and no one gets left out!

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