New resources for editors

From having worked a fair bit – mostly in moments between manic emailing, yearbook activity and big session stamp-licking – on making, amongst other things, PowerPoint look pretty (not an easy task, ladies and gentlemen), it’s nice to finally see the products up and available online.

For anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, there’s a number of new resources for the editors on the live site for your yearbook. There’s a new link on the left, cunningly named “editors’ resources”.

These treasures will dazzle you, and with them you can dazzle others. I say dazzle – you do like to hope that it’ll work out that way. But, I’m not proud: anyone who feels the resources could be improved or shoud contain something they don’t, drop us an email. Updates will be posted that very day – unless we disagree with you 🙂

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