Updating the AllYearbooks website

Well, I’m finally doing a monster chore that I’ve been putting off and putting off – updating the main ‘brochureware’ website with all the latest text and images.

The text and images are already written and taken – they’ve all been used in our brilliant information packs. The problem is there’s just been soooo much to do and this is such a long and boring task that I’ve been constantly pushing it back. Well, it can wait no more so I’m trudging through it now. Expect to see lots of new text and images around the website over the next couple of days.

The image below is the dreaded ‘todo’ card. Its all part of the ‘agile’ system of software development. Whenever something pops up that needs to be done, we jot it down onto an index card and add it to the todo pile. Then once every Tuesday morning Jamey and I have a meeting where we go over all the current todo cards and figure out which ones we’ll both be tackling that week, and in what priority. This particular card has been sitting there staring me in the face for weeks!

Whenever our customers come up with ideas for the website, we put them on index cards too. We love getting feedback and ideas from you – so keep them coming on the contact page.

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