2008-2009 yearbook website launched!!!

Woo… we’re there! After lots of debugging, last minute error catching, tweaks, geeky Linux commands and general mayhem, we’ve finally launched the new website 🙂

At around 13:37 this afternoon with only about 2 minutes of down time. Unfortunately there was no big red button to press, but the ‘launch sequence’ was something like this:

$ vim /etc/httpd/conf.d/allyearbooks.conf
[edit virtual hosts here]
$ service httpd stop
$ mv public_html 08
$ service httpd start

… that’s geek talk for “make new website work and stuff”.

So, what’s changed? Umm… not an awful lot for you. The main changes are behind the scense to make our lives easier and hence keep our time down and hence the costs for you! But apart from that, we have made some minor tweaks here and there, and we’ve also added the ability for you to create a web-based yearbook all yourselves, without having to contact us at all first. So if you find us at 2am and want to get going straight away then now you can. Top banana.

Also important is that now that we’ve finally launched we can begin adding in lots and lots of new features on top of the new code base. So back to coding for me then.

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