Short deadlines and printers ditching schools/universities at the last minute

Because of the speedy nature of our yearbook system, we’re able to go from scratch to ready-for-print yearbook in as long as it takes for each member of a yearbook to login, upload their photos and write a few words about themselves. Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge took just 2 weeks for 115 people, almost all with full half-page entries including photographies and profiles/biographies. The PDF is currently with our printers.

The Beaminster and Colfox school’s year 13 were let down by their yearbook publisher, contacting us on Friday 19th May in desparate need of their yearbook to be printed and delivered by 28th June. Not only that, but they hadn’t even begun designing/writing the book. Within half an hour we’d set them up with their yearbook ready for use online, and we’re hoping to have it completed by 70 pupils and ready-for-print in just one week. Absolutely impossible with traditional yearbook companies which need months rather than days to complete yearbooks.

So if you have a short deadline or your printer/publisher has ditched you only weeks before your deadline, get in touch with us and your bad headache will disappear in minutes!

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