Boo! How to make spectacularly spooky pages for Halloween…

Halloween is a create time of year to include in your yearbooks – the theme lets you get really creative with your colour palettes and backgrounds!

Whether you are out trick or treating, having a Halloween party or celebrating with a dress-up competition at school, we’ve got some great ideas to help you spook up your pages 🙂


We’ve got a fab selection of Halloween backgrounds on the system, these are just two of them! Whether you want a bold background or something more subtle, there’s an option for you.

HalloweenHallows Eve

Colour palettes 

There are so many great colour schemes associated with Halloween, rich oranges, dark browns and black, even lime green and bright purple! Take a look at some of our colour palettes below, we’ve even given you the colour hex code so you can use the exact shade.

Halloween colour 1Halloween colour 3Halloween colour 2Halloween colour 4

Page ideas

Don’t limit yourself to just a collage page – why not have a craft page, or even a themed joke page!?

Halloween CollageHalloween pageHalloween Joke

Happy Halloween everyone!

Theming your yearbook: PNG-tastic!

Here at AllYearbooks we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to create a fantastic yearbook for you and your classmates to treasure for years.

Our PNGs make theming your yearbook an easy and fun job – whether you are designing a single page or the entire book!

Take a look at some of our cool clip art we have introduced for the 2017-2018 school year! You can find all of these in the ‘Graphics and Clipart’ folder within the ‘Pics’ setup menu.

If you are stuck for inspiration why not speak to your yearbook coordinator about some great themes you could incorporate into your project!

Christmas2Comic bookInternetMusic MadnessPretty PastelsQuotesScrabbleSummer


Trip pages

Why not dedicate a page within your book to your school trips? Whether it was a day out at the local farm, or somewhere a bit more exotic, getting members to upload and label their snaps will make putting together a collage a breeze.


Once you’ve got your photos sorted, be sure to take a look at our travel-themed PNGs. While scrolling through our clipart gallery you’ll be sure to find the perfect addition for your page.

We‘ve added a text box on top of a plane PNG to create a unique heading, while layering fill shapes and text boxes to make a cartoon passport and boarding pass.

Speak to your yearbook coordinator today for some ideas about jazzing up your trip pages!


Making a look-a-likes page :)


Have you ever noticed how much that girl in your science group looks like Anna Kendrick? Or how Tom’s bleached hair makes him look a bit like Malfoy from the Harry Potter films? If your school is filled with look-a-likes why not incorporate this into your page plan. Be sure to check with people first though and avoid pairing people with images that might cause upset! Saying that Mr Redworth looks like Jabba the Hutt for example probably wont go down all that well so be mindful of this as you create your pages- you don’t want to end up in the headmasters office after all!

So to make this page, all you need to do is create a basic grid layout using the add picture frame button. You can pair frames together so it’s nice and obvious which pairs go together and then use the add title text option to add in the names for each person 🙂 Have fun!

the AYB team

Staying creative and winning at yearbooking!

I am the worst for starting a new project and then leaving it half finished so I get it when people struggle to keep the momentum up with their yearbook projects. You’re studying for exams and it’s hard work! To help you stay creative and in control, I’ve been putting together some new design tutorials for you to try your hand at whilst you’re waiting for your year group to complete their profile entries. There’s no reason why you can’t get started on your other page types in the meantime so if you fancy creating a hilarious quotes page, a playlist or infographic, do keep in touch and check this blog regularly. Don’t worry if you miss a post, you can also catch up by visiting

For now though, here are my sure fire ways to stay creative and keep up that awesome yearbook spirit:

Death_to_stock_communicate_hands_9Carry a notebook and pen with you wherever you go so you can make a note of interesting ideas that bounce into your head at random times!

Death_to_stock_communicate_hands_4Take regular breaks. A fresh eye will help you see your page content clearly so if you’ve spent aggges on something, have a little break and a cup of tea and come back to it later. I’ll be just as you left it so pace yourself and give yourself room to breathe.

playlistListening to music helps me complete most tasks. If you’re feeling stressed out, put on some tunes, dance like a crazy person and you’ll feel much better!

Hakuna_blogBreak the rules and be super creative and see what happens. If its a horrendous mess, you can always keep elements you like and rethink othersQuote. Hand drawnMost importantly, don’t give up 🙂 Lots of projects get passed from one editor to the next as people drop out or lose interest. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, just message us and we’ll see how we can help you wrap things up quickly and get your book off to print!

the AYB team

Ribbons Rule!


For those of you going for the premium hardback options, don’t forget to let us know which colour ribbons you’d like! You can do this easily by going to book details and price on the set up menu of your book and setting your preferred colour there 🙂 Please note these are the only colours we offer so it’s worth picking a colour that complements your design and cover. If you’re unsure, why not opt for the silver/grey colour or gold to match your foil embossing!

the AYB team

Get the look: Potter Perfection

PotterThe Harry Potter books continue to inspire some great themed yearbooks full of magic and mischief this year and it’s a lot of fun to see how people have really introduced this theme with a lot of thought- a particular favourite of mine was the Chamber of Secrets Confessions page I saw in a book a few years ago now but editors are always coming up with fantastic new page creations!

So where to start? Well let’s look at your font selections first 🙂 There are some lovely magical and old looking font options that work so perfectly for this kind of theme. Fonts like Diplomata SC, Bigelow Rules, Jim Nightshade ….


When it comes to creating your page, our parchment background is the best choice for you! You can also find these awesome scroll banners to embellish your title pages and add another dimension to your design in the clipart selection available in all books.


When you’re choosing colour schemes, you’ll probably want some nice earthy colours for parchment looks. Remember you also have black and white in addition to your palette choices 🙂


When it comes to cover designs, the Marauder’s Map has been a strong influence this last year. You can get the look using parchment style background, fonts mentioned above and a little creative drawing to map out your school grounds.  Alternatively you can make a nice Hogwarts style crest using your school’s house colours and images which looks fab too!

DSCF3966_FotorBanchory Cover Draft

the AYB team

Daring Dividers

Welcome back everybody! It’s the final term of the school year so let’s get yearbooking and make it awesome 🙂 Structuring your yearbook content can be tricky at times which is why I’ve been making some example divider pages for you to look at today. They very clearly introduce the new section whether that’s for larger groupings, such as profiles, awards etc, or marking the start of a new house or form group. Divider designs can be fairly simple to create (you just need a word or two on a page right?!) but for those of you looking to be a little more adventurous, here are some design ideas to whet your appetite…


Creating negative spaces and cut outs is a really simple thing to do and looks super slick. To create a page like this, add a large rectangular photo frame to the outer edge of the page. Now set you background to a flat colour (black or white will work best if you’re planning to use busy imagery with lots of colours down the side). Now add a text box and rotate this so it sits along the edge of your image frame. Adjust the font colour to match your background and voila, you have a divider page.


I’m so in love with this background, so happy we have it for this year as I just know it’s going to be super popular! To make this delightful looking page, you’ll want to start by adding the confetti background which you’ll find in the theme area. For this design to really work, you’ll need a high resolution copy of your school logo saved as a png image with transparent background. Add your logo and then add a fill shape in the same colour as your logo.  If you can find other versions of your logo like the sketchy one in the top corner, add these on too to create a little more texture in your design 😀

For something a little different, try adding quotes or interesting section titles rather than single word intros. Shorter text is best for impact so things like ‘reach for the stars’, ‘saved by the bell’ and so on will look fab here!

Can’t wait to see your designs!

the AYB team

Get the look: Comic book cool!


Marvel has taken over our screens in recent years and superheros are awesome again. Comic book style has become more and more popular over the last fear years so we’re bringing you a little theme guide of exactly that 🙂 Let’s look at the colour palette of the comic book style in a little more detail first- the palette is bright but the black and white nature of the drawings take priority and give it that bold graphic quality. Key colours such as red, yellow and blue feature heavily whilst black and white add emphasis and depth so a palette like this one is a great starting point:


Texture and depth are also used to create contrast. Take the infamous pow and crash signs of retro comics for example. Adding layers of these bold colours and teaming flat colours and dotty backgrounds is an easy way to replicate the look of traditional style comics.


You’ll notice a whole host of bright and exciting page backgrounds in the theme area which can be used for comic book page designs, like these for example:


When it comes to fonts, you’ll want a mix of bold, chunky options for page titles and smaller typefaces for main profile and body text. A palette like this one is a great starting point:


For those of you feeling adventurous, why not have a go at making your own comic strip 🙂 You could host a competition to collect the funniest stories and drawings and put them together for a unique and legendary page idea!comic

Moving on to your cover design, you might like to go for something bold and vibrant or keep it simple with a monochromatic base like this design from Blairgowrie High School. The superman style crest gives it an instantly recognisable superhero style whilst adding a big splash of colour 🙂


the AYB team

All new DofE backgrounds!


The D of E programme in school is super awesome and I kick myself a little when I think back to my 15 year old ‘it seems like a lot of hassle’ attitude. Every year more and more people are embracing the opportunity to get out of the classroom and do something different. We see it all as yearbook advisors; the shiny new camping kit, the bleak rainy photos and the person who didn’t quite make it to the other side of that giant muddy puddle….

duke of edinburgh backgrounds

Commemorating these valiant hiking fails makes for yearbook gold so we’ve designed these exclusive D of E backgrounds to add to your pages. Who doesn’t love a good freebie right?! Get them now in the background selector!BG1



BG2We’ve made these using a nice plain white background so you can easily apply coloured filters over them 🙂 Just adjust the opacity settings in the in the background area of your theme to create results like the one shown above!

the AYB team