Get the Look: Try our School Smarts Yearbook Theme

schoolIf you really want to capture your school life in your yearbook, you can opt to work in a school theme to your cover artwork and page designs. Uniform inspired covers have been really big in 2015 and they’re set to be in high demand again in 2016! So starting with this cover idea, how is it done? Well, you just need to supply your school colours and logo for this design. If you can’t get hold of a high resolution logo from school, try laying your uniform on a flat surface and taking a photo of the crest on there. Again, this image needs to be as high resolution as possible as it’s quite a big feature for this cover! With this cover, design you also have a lot of room to play with on the back cover so you can add a photo, word cloud or your year groups names in the shape of a 16 if you like 🙂


Setting your school colours as your palette is the easiest way to develop your school theme and personalise your book. Backgrounds such as paper textures work especially well but also ones like the chalkboard and pinboards look great in this theme.

custom background

Similarly, you can also ask us to create a custom background using your school logo 🙂 If you’ve got different house groups you wish to incorporate, you can easily create distinct sections in the book using the different palette colours and section dividers.


When it comes to fonts, you’ll probably want to select a combination of handwritten styles and bold title fonts such as Graduate and Vast Shadow. Graduate has a really American feel to it so would be perfect if you’re looking to recreate American style yearbook pages! For your main body fonts, you’ll want to pick something a little smaller but do ensure it’s clear enough as a smaller font size. If you need to squeeze in a lot of text in 8pt font lets say, you’ll want to avoid anything too skinny or swirly which may be quite hard to read. For more info on fonts, check out my last post on font pairing 🙂


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