Get the look! Your essential guide to journal yearbook theming :)


As a crafter, the idea of scrapbook style is very exciting to me. When it comes to translating this style into your printed yearbooks, you’ll want to use lots of different paper textured style backgrounds! Check out the backgrounds in the theme area of your book to get started 🙂 Whilst you’re in the theme area, have a look at your font options too- handwritten fonts will also really help you develop your theme so set your font palette up with a few choice ones such as Over the Rainbow, Fredericka the Great, Amatic and so on.


Handwritten fonts vary in style quite dramatically so bigger fonts, like Fredericka the Great for example, work perfectly for titles but not so well for profile text. Experiment with your designs to see which works best for you 🙂 Also keep an eye on the font size you choose as some handwritten fonts can be super swirly and ornate making them harder to read at 10pt or below.


When it comes to selecting colour palettes, you’ll probably want to go for something quite simple. Think back to those four colour pens you used to have in your pencil case and you’re probably along the right line. Reds, greens, blues and black will give you strong contrast but you might want to add some softer grey tones to the mix which will give you more of a pencilled effect. When you’re adding content to the page think also about how this is organised. Adding some photos in a more scattered manner or adding tape effects to show how things are stuck together will really build on the scrapbook style across your internal pages 🙂

contents1Journal style covers look great so you could opt for an old text book style or keep things looking slick by incorporating your font selections and giving your logo a painted effect. I love this cover for Langley Grammar School and even though the design brief is fairly simple, logo and title centred on the front, it looks super smart right? It’s very easy to overthink your cover design and throw lots of ideas into it but sometimes a stripped back approach just does it best!


For those of you making a books for your school trips, scrapbook styles look great too. If your group kept an actual diary throughout your travels, consider scanning your pages and/or its cover for completely unique design 🙂 Those little doodles and notes are all part of your journey so chat to us about how to best scan your offline documents and incorporate them into your printed books!

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