Facebook vs Yearbook


Everyday we rely on social media to keep us updated on our friends lives and keep connected so there is often debate about how necessary a yearbook really is the modern world. Whilst online platforms are great (there’s no denying it), obviously I have to stand firmly in the Pro-Yearbook team. Over the past decade social platforms have become deeply rooted in our society but many have fallen by the wayside, Bebo, myspace, friends reunited for example are just a few now non-existent ones that spring to mind. Facebook is really in a league of its own but in 20 years time will you really be clicking through decades of photos to get back to your school days?DSCF3944_Fotor

As much of the publishing world moves towards E-books, I am still a fan of actual books. You can’t beat curling up on the sofa and leafing through the pages of a good book and there has to be something said for the tactile experience of actually holding a physical yearbook. As soon as you open the yearbook again, you’ll be taken right back to the good old days of school in a format that’s not updating constantly. Social media is great for the here and now which is why it is constantly evolving in format and style but when you’re trying to reminisce that’s not such a good thing. What is in style at the time you design your book has a real impact on how it looks and how it’s constructed and this unique design is something that Facebook just can’t compete with.

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