Custom Colour Palettes

Firstly let me just take a moment to say Happy New Year everybody! Here’s to a wonderful yearbook filled 2015 😀 To kickstart the busy season, we’re launching more new features to help you create beautiful designs unique to your school. Just before Christmas, we launched over 600 new fonts for use on profiles, collages and any other page for that matter and now we’re talking colours. As you know, we put together some lovely complementary colour palettes which can be found by clicking the theme icon on your page designer toolbar. We know that sometimes you may want to move away from these suggested palettes and focus on your own colour selections, such as your school or team colours, so we’ve introduced a wonderful new colour picker tool to use!


When you click on the colour palette option in your toolbar you’ll see your current selection at the top and our suggested palettes underneath. To change the colour palette to your own colours, simply click onto one of the squares and you’ll notice the colour picker will pop open. Click in the main colour picker square to select your preferred shade or move to a new colour using the slider on the right. If you need to match your school colours exactly, you’ll want to pop the hex code into the box beneath the colour picker- just delete the current code eg. #14b1e7 and enter your own!

Like the idea of complementary colours but not keen on our suggestions? We wont be offended, we cant possibly show all the variants out there and we’ve found this nifty little site Coolors which generates lovely 5 colour palettes. It also rather handily provides you with the relevant hex codes so you can incorporate them into your page designs 🙂 Horray! If you’re working with a certain theme in mind, do also chat to your coordinator as they may be able to suggest colours which would work well 🙂

the AYB team

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