Give a gift, give a yearbook…

20141212_140433The countdown to christmas has begun which means it’s about to get hectic. Before you start fretting about your christmas shows and what outfit to wear to the end of term party, pop over to your finance office and ask them to add your yearbook collection onto their ParentPay system before the holidays. Tell them it’s your christmas wish and you’ve been good all year!

Christmas is a time for giving and most parents (mine included) will get a little stuck for gift ideas. Now is a perfect time to ask for a special gift, one that you’ll treasure forever – no not that scratchy xmas jumper- but your yearbook! Think about it guys, ok you might have to wait a few months till you get the book itself but you’ll know your deposit is paid and you’ll have more cash to spend on your prom tickets later in the year 🙂 Bonus!!!

From an editors point of view, this means you can be collecting payments over the holidays. No need to go to the finance office or chase your editing team around the campus! It’s just a suggestion but it could make life easier in the long run 🙂

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