Making your own pages offline :)

As you may have heard, we’ll be adding fantastic new templates for lots of different types of pages in the New Year. If you just cant wait though, you always have the option of making your own pages offline and then uploading these finished pages to the book 🙂  With this in mind we thought we’d share some tips and tricks to help you create gorgeous pages that are in keeping with your profiles/overall book theme.




Where should I start? 
You can create pages in all sorts of programmes so you wont be thrown out of your comfort zone into any tricky software don’t worry!  Before you start, just make sure you can save the file as either PDF, JPG, PNG 🙂 Your finished page will need to be in one of these formats in order to upload it to the system but do give us a shout if you have any concerns here!
What size should I make my pages?
All of our books are B5 sized so you can create your pages in this size.  Our system will automatically resize your pages so if you’ve got A4 documents instead then not to worry. A key thing to remember here is that if a page needs to be resize/shrunk down to fit then everything on the page will be smaller! It sounds obvious and isn’t so much of a worry for images but fonts will appear smaller too, here’s all the info you need to help choose the right size for you:
Can I match fonts used in the online templates?
We’ve created a quick guide to help you identify fonts used in your book so that you can match them in any custom pages you decide to make. Head over to to learn more!
What if I don’t want to use a computer to make my pages?No worries at all. Some of our favourite books are those in which kids have handwritten their page and included their doodles etc. Just collect your pages and scan them at 300 dpi for best print quality 🙂
Erm…what’s DPI?
DPI (or Dots Per Inch) is a measure of printing resolution and you may notice this mentioned a few times. When scanning your own pages you should be able to find an option to scan at 300 dpi. The higher the DPI, the happier you’ll be with your books so it’s always worth taking the extra minute or two to ensure your scanner is set up correctly!

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