Monday Moodboard: Exercise Book

Decades may have passed since the days of Grange Hill but you cant beat a good bit of school drama. We loved the new Educating Yorkshire series and we get to see our fair share of dramatic student profiles here in the office. If you’re looking to really capture your school days, check out our Exercise book theme. Complete with doodles (and a scary equation!) this theme is sure to hold your attention! The default fonts and colour palette ensure it looks handwritten and creative – you can also use your own creativity and choose your own.


Developing this theme is simple: you can add the desk background to really bring it to life, or maybe even the chalkboard design. Set a challenge for your year group and hold a competition for your cover or endpaper design – I’m sure you don’t need much of an excuse to show off your doodling and drawing skills 🙂

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